About us

Hendic storage systems

  • Competitive prices.
  • Highest Quality Steel and Galvanization.
  • Fast deliveries.
  • A worldwide dealer network.
  • Dutch / English production.
  • Clear manuals.
  • CE certification.
  • Global strength calculations.
  • Very long life expectancy on our materials
  • Silos up to 40.55m in diameter and standard all sizes in 7 rings, with a height of 5.32m
  • On request up to a height of 6.02 m

Hendic BV, is supplier of water storage systems for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and industry. And various high-quality steel tanks, reservoirs, plastic tanks for permanent or temporary storage. These systems are delivered all over the world through many Dutch foreign dealers. Hendic can offer you storage tanks that are adapted to local requirements and circumstances.
The successful Hendic galvanized steel water tank in combination with a DelafleX liner has become a fixture in global greenhouse horticulture.

Our services


Hendic can provide you with a storage tank or basin customized to local requirements and conditions. A water tank for horticultural purposes in the cold northern region of Scandinavia has to meet other requirements than one used with high temperatures, such as central Africa.

Competitive prices

Hendic steel water tanks and storage system prices are attractive.


A Hendic galvanised steel tank or reservoir can be deployed for almost any storage problem. Thus you are assured of high quality, flexibility, simple assembly, very competitive prices, and clear information. High quality steel.


The use of materials of a constant high quality allows us to guarantee a proper end product. For panels 1mm thick and above, S350 tensile steel with 450 gramme galvanized coating per square meter both sides giving increased life to first maintenance.

High quality Reservoirs/Lagoons

We can supply and install worldwide to unprecedented large sizes, including installation if required, liners produced to 10,000sqm prefabricated in one large piece with clear rollout drawings having 15 year warranty on UV and weldin.

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