Foil protection

A manure/slurry resistant foil, which is very strong and has high chemical resistance, must be used when constructing a manure/slurry storage basin/lagoon/reservoir or pond to prevent the contamination of groundwater.

The following qualities are used:

  • LDPE foil 1 mm or 0.80 mm thick in black unreinforced.
  • PVC (manure quality) foil of 1 mm thick in black unreinforced.
  • PVC reinforced polyester of 900, 1100 ore 1400gr m2 (manure quality) in green or grey.

Liners for Silo's and Tanks:

We manufacture and install manure/slurry liners to be used in manure/slurry storage silo/tanks in various diameters and heights. The liner hangs over the edge of the tank. The liner is attached to the tank with the aid of ratchets or cord for tensioning.

In consultation the liners can be delivered in the following grades:

  • PVC reinforced polyester 850 gr/mtr2
  • LDPE 1 mm thick unreinforced

Our liners are supplied, in consultation, complete with wall protection, ratchets and cord.

Floating covers

To cover the manure/slurry silo/tank, we also deliver floating covers. These covers are delivered, in consultation, with vents, HDPE tube, cord/rope for tensioning and mixing hatch. The materials used are, in consultation, unreinforced PVC 1 mm in black, unreinforced LDPE 080 or 1 mm thick in black or PVC reinforced polyester 850 gr/mtr2 either in green or grey colour.

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